1. Fully loaded with 3D rendering tools

3D PhotoVisualiser comes fully loaded with predefined materials, lighting, environments and backgrounds, so you can get started straight away, creating great images.


Realistic materials effects

When your model is loaded into 3D PhotoVisualiser it will contain the colour and texture information that was applied in the PlansXpress. 3D PhotoVisualiser allows you to extend this material information to give more realistic looking materials.


Apply finishes for a higher quality render

Finishes define reflectance models that can be applied to existing materials. Finishes are designed to give a more realistic look to standard colour or image-based materials, imported from PlansXpress.


Apply lighting

A variety of drag and drop lighting setups are provided dependent on the type of model you are trying to light. They are split into Product, Interior and Exterior Lighting. They vary in complexity and 3D PhotoVisualiser accuracy to enable you to choose between render speed and lighting realism.


Apply backgrounds

Backgrounds serve to quickly and easily provide context to your model in terms of scale and intended usage. You can change the visible background from the background tab. A number of predefined background effects are supplied and you can supply your own image if required.


Save to archives

3D PhotoVisualiser is powered by Content, in the form of Materials, Lighting schemes, Backgrounds, Cameras and SnapShots which you can customise. Custom Content is stored in Archives and can be created, imported and exported from 3D PhotoVisualiser. Archives are a useful tool to allow you to build catalogues of your favourite content, share content between models