Short video: How to choose the right estimating software for your building firm

Can’t work out how to choose the right estimating software for your building firm? Watch this short ten minute video now!

Joanna Mulgrew, the Operations Director for HBXL Building Software, spoke at a Federation of Masterbuilders (FMB) event for members about the issue of choice and suitability of estimating software.  Joanna’s ten top tips on making a considered decision were a big hit and prompted lots of discussion amongst the FMB members.

As the FMB put it, “With so many building estimation software providers in the market, how do you compare your options to find the right one for your business?”

We’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always obvious what software package is right for you. And we offer lots of advice on the website to make it that bit easier.

From the start of your journey to the day you subscribe or buy – and beyond – we’re here to help.

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We also give you some more specific information if you’re looking at competitor products.

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If you are trying to choose estimating software, why not have a chat with one of the team on 0117 916 7898. We can talk you through the right EstimatorXpress version for you depending on the size of your business. We can also arrange a short online demonstration. You can also have a 14-day trial of the software as well. As we’ve said we’re here to help!