HBXL User Testimonials & Reviews

Our software helps builders all over the country with estimating, plans, health and safety and building contracts. Find out what HBXL customers think of the software and the difference it has made to their businesses.

Developer Users

Our software helps at every stage of development. Whether you need support with planning, estimating the project, selling or getting paid, HBXL has software to make the job of a developer easier. Find out what our developer customers think of HBXL software.

Trades & Contractors Users

HBXL offers trade editions of our estimating software. Check out some testimonials from our customers to find out what they think of the software. Whether you are a groundworker, plumber or brickwork contractor we've got the trade pricing software for you.

Architect & Designer Users

Our software doesn’t just help builders, it’s great for architects too – whether it’s CAD software for building plans or estimating software for providing clients with a construction estimate. Read on to discover how architects & designers rate our CAD software.