Think bigger – and help your construction business succeed

I’m here to tell you today to think bigger – not smaller.

But there’s a cost of living crisis you say! Well there’s not much any of us can do about the state of the economy, so personally I try and focus on what I can impact. What you as someone who runs a building firm can control is the kind of work you go after, and how often you quote for jobs, and what you do to attract interest. Easy for me to say? Well we’re here to help.

If you hold back now you could be putting your building firm into reverse

Not making business-improving purchases could hinder your future. And it’s your long term future you should be thinking about – a short term fix is exactly that.

Yes some homeowners are feeling the pinch and are putting projects on hold – but definitely not all of them. Homeowners who really want their extension or loft conversion are going to go through with them. There’ll be those who were going to move but are choosing now to stay and build out or up. Those are the people you want to be ready for.

We might be in uncharted waters but the only thing we can sensibly do is make sure our businesses are water tight and better than anyone else’s. Think bigger by getting your business fighting fit and ready for anything. More professional than your competitors. Quick to respond. Able to quote often to improve your win rate. Happy in the knowledge that your quotes are accurate and there’s profit to be made.

Over the coming months, building firms with an eye on the future will be thinking:

  • Where are the holes in our admin processes?
  • What could help us save time – and be more profitable?
  • What could be made more efficient?
  • Where is money being wasted?
  • Are we charging enough? Watch this video from builder mentor Simon Lazarus
  • What do we want from the business – what did we want when we started?
  • How can we promote ourselves better?
  • What learning or training could we be doing during quieter times?
  • How do we appeal to homeowners with bigger budgets?
  • How much budget shall we put aside for marketing – knowing others will stop?
  • What ‘open goal’ opportunities are backward looking building firms presenting us with?

Recession-proof your business with a consistent pipeline of enquiries

Present your business differently from the cheap builders with high quality, professional looking estimates. Give homeowners good reason to put their life savings in your hands. Good customers are looking for a good builder and will pay the true value of the job to get one. Show them that you’re the best choice.

What next?

Consider construction software and in the first place estimating software. The bedrock of your business. Thinking bigger can start with a short phone call with one of the HBXL team on 0117 916 7898.

They’re ready to chat. Once they understand your story and what you want help with, they can book you in for a quick online demonstration of a software tool that’s relevant to your business. (Handily, your HBXL software toolkit can grow with your business).

You can then go on to trial the software for 14-days. And the sooner you do all this – the sooner you’ll be maximising your chances of winning good profitable projects.