2016 business goal: manage projects more easily with end-to-end software

With a new year comes brand new business goals. Goals we want to help you achieve using our revolutionary products that work together seamlessly.

As you look towards the future, whether it’s increasing your profit, expanding your business or any other ambition, we want you to do it with HBXL. We’ve tailored our products specifically for small to medium domestic construction firms.

Manage projects end to end more easily with HBXL software. Forget fiddly paperwork and worrying you’ve closed all the loopholes in your latest contract, that’s what we’re here to do. Using our unique X-Connex technology that allows you to utilise core data across all products, our software has perfected seamless project management so you can control every aspect of the job, from start to finish. We have your back every step of the way.

Success: start to finish PlansXpressStep one: PlansXpress

Draw from scratch or scan and trace to amend existing plans.  That’s what the easy to use drag and drop tools are for.  Make alterations, add extensions and more to produce architect quality plans with no CAD experience necessary. With either method you can visual estimate.


Success: start to finish EX 200x200

Step two: EstimatorXpress

Combining PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress creates our groundbreaking software programme 3D Visual Estimating. Once you’re done in PlansXpress you can convert the data instantly with X-Connex technology to generate a 100% accurate, detailed and professional estimate that takes into account all those hidden costs like wear and tear in just two minutes. It can cut down time spent estimating by as much as 39% and uses live merchant prices to ensure you’re quoting the going rate.


Success: start to finish HSX 200x200Step three: Health & Safety Xpert

So you’ve got your plans and estimate, by law you need to provide health & safety paperwork – producing this with your quote will go a long way to making a client feel secure. Take the same core data input and watch all the relevant paperwork be generated for you. In line with CDM 2015 and all UK and EU laws. Produce COSHH and risk assessments, method statements, a Construction Phase Plan and more.

Non-compliance with the HSE carries heavy fines and can seriously impact your business – with Health & Safety Xpert you can be sure you’re staying within the law and keep staff and the public safe.


Success: start to finish CX 200x200Step four: ContractsXpert

Consumer organisations now encourage clients to be wary of any builders unwilling to enter into a contract. Being able to provide a detailed quote, health & safety paperwork AND a watertight contract will reassure your client and could help you win work.

Choose from Small Works: Business-to-Business or Consumer contract, or a Subcontract contract. It allows you to detail payment by build phase, milestone or every X days so you can avoid those awkward conversations and prevent cashflow concerns. In under five minutes the software will produce your contract as well as an introductory letter and other essential documents.


Success: start to finish PJX 200x200Step five: ProjectXpert

HBXL integrates all your projects to ensure you achieve your optimal working potential. That’s what ProjectXpert does; merge your jobs so you can assess the best use of labour, materials, sub-contractors and equipment. Track changes and amends easily and make sure you always stay on target.

HBXL founder, Adrian Wild’s experience as a builder himself means he knows exactly what the software needs to offer to take you seamlessly through the process end to end.

Plus we have our superhero tech support team on hand to help! With a customer service rating of 96% in our October survey and what Charles OKell of UK Pro Build called ‘the best customer service he had ever encountered’, you can be sure that we’ll be there to help you get to grips with your software, from start to finish.

For a more complete business process, call us on 0117 916 9878, try out one of our free 1-2-1 demos or a 14 day trial or alternatively, buy now and make 2016 the year you revolutionise your business.