Software helps keep children safe and off site

Software helps keep children safeSoftware helps keep children safe and off site

Health & Safety Xpert Software helps keep children safe with numerous health and safety measures. Builders wanting to prevent children gaining access to their sites need to ensure all eventualities are covered right at the very beginning in order to avoid any accidents.

With the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reporting that three children die each year after gaining access to a building site and many more getting injured, putting in place measures to prevent access to the site is of paramount importance.

Making sure every possible contingency has been looked at might seem like an onerous task for the already time-strapped builder, however, the result of not getting a site right in the first place could be dire.

Joanna Mulgrew, Marketing & Product Development Director at HBXL said: “Getting your site set up properly in the first place will help eliminate children getting on site and into difficulties. Although it might seem a little burdensome, following proper guides will help alleviate any problems later on.”Software helps keep children safe and off site

To help builders safeguard they’ve got all the bases covered, Joanna advocates using HBXL’s Health & Safety Xpert software.

Used already by thousands of builders up and down the country, the software includes numerous risk assessments including those covering ‘visitors’ and ‘unauthorised visitors’.

All builders have to do is input what job they are doing, click a button and the software does the rest, producing all the required paperwork and risk assessments. The site manager can then follow the setup checklists making sure everything is covered from the beginning.

Those working on site can also read and sign the reports making sure they fully understand their responsibilities.

Joanna added: “Health & Safety Xpert helps with site set up and then ongoing maintenance through inspections and audits to ensure it stays safe. It’s a great way to help them make sure all eventualities are covered.

“Before the first dig, on-site fencing and/or hoarding should be put in place to prevent access, and specific access via visitor entrances with proper sign-in procedures should also be in place.

“Ensuring ladders aren’t left either accessible or touching the ground and within reach of children so they can climb up are all covered by the software as well as general site safety when left unattended.

“Nothing is missed, Health & Safety Xpert helps gives the builder peace of mind on their health and safety obligations.

“No one wants any form of injury on site, especially children, so it’s imperative they take the right course of action at the very beginning.”

To find out how you can use Health & Safety Xpert to help keep children safe and off site, read more here.