No really. You have very little to do in return for high quality, professional-looking estimates! Our award-winning EstimatorXpress software has changed estimating as we know it. It’s full of hundreds of pre-configured projects (so all the materials, labour, wastage costs etc. have been accounted for). All you have to do is:

  1. Select the most appropriate renovation, extension or typical new build template
  2. Tweak the details – filling in specific information about your customer’s project (and the clever software will adjust everything accordingly)
  3. Then print the quote.

Job done. You’ve just supercharged your business.

You’ll have a 100% accurate estimate and customer quote, and 80+ reports (automatically) including a full cost and profit breakdown. Take a look at the video here and then why not see it in action – by completing the trial form at the bottom of the page. And you’ll soon be ‘supercharging’ your estimating.

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