CIA software package is written and developed exclusively for the UK Building Industry!

There are no add-on packages or spreadsheets needed to cover unique construction industry needs such as CIS, Job Costing, Retentions, Subcontractors accounting, Applications (Stage Payments) and Certifications. This means that our construction software is much easier to use than other software on the market.

No need for multiple editions. You’ve got everything you need for your building firm in one package. CIS, Job Costing, Retentions, Subcontractors accounting, Applications (Stage Payments) and Certifications

You only need to enter information once!

CIA is developed specifically for the UK Construction Industry and NOT a generic accounting software package modified for builders. We know what a builder needs! With the majority of other construction accounting software, users have to maintain various spreadsheets to record transactions that are specific for construction business such as CIS deductions, Job Costing and Retentions and then update an accounts system as well. Because CIA is a fully integrated accounting software package, one entry is all that's necessary to update ALL relevant areas. For example, when entering a taxable subcontractors invoice, the Accounts, CIS Ledger, VAT and Job Costing are all updated simultaneously.

Job costing is as important as their accounts to the majority of our customers.

As invoices are entered into CIA the costs are assigned to the relevant jobs automatically, allowing you to compare your actual costs with the budgets you've allowed for. With CIA Job Costing software you can immediately spot when you've been overcharged, or discover anomalies in your budgets.

With CIA you automatically receive upgrades as and when the UK legislation changes.

When the CIS scheme was introduced in 2007 our users already had up-to-date software reflecting new requirements. Users were also ready for the new legislation in 2010 requiring VAT returns to be produced online. PAYE changes are also automatically updated and PAYE Plus is recognised by HMRC as compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) requirements.

From verifying and paying new subcontractors, to issuing monthly returns and emailing statements, our software will help. CIA verifies subcontractors automatically using a direct link with the HMRC. When you pay a subcontractor, CIA will know if you have to deduct tax and at what rate, it will even automatically calculate it for you. Each month you have to produce a return for the HMRC detailing all payments made to subcontractors, the CIS software will do this automatically using the HMRC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

CIA software allows you to easily identify what needs to be added to the invoice when you bill the customer. This helps you to avoid forgetting to invoice any smaller items or variations, and you'll never again lose the costs amongst the initial contract. CIA also includes retention diary that is updated as each stage payment is processed and reminds you when the retention payment is due.

CIA is straight forward and easy to use, each screen follows the same layout. To make it easy and simple to use, you will see that all of the buttons are in the same place on the screen.

Using EstimatorXpress you can win the job with an accurate, professional estimate and then export the full estimate immediately into CIA (Construction Industry Accounts) and you're then ready to record your actual costs along the life of the job and log them against your estimated costs. This allows you to immediately spot any potential problems or over-runs as you near your total budget. This puts you in total control of the costs of the job and ensure you don't go over budget. Or if you do, you can make allowances!

As your company grows there is no need to buy a new system as CIA has additional modules to add to your system as they become requirements for your business. For instance you can add the Purchase Orders module, Payroll, Stock, Plant Hire, Sales Orders, Works Order, Schedule of Rates, Document Production and many more bolt-ons. You can also update to the latest editions of the software as new versions are released.

The PAYE module is a simple to use, yet comprehensive payroll package, meeting the HMRC's requirements for PAYE. The main advantage the PAYE module gives over other payroll packages is its integrated job costing, allowing you to book costs to the appropriate jobs (including the Employers National Insurance).

It also conforms with the HMRC's requirements for year-end and in-year electronic filing, and costs £999 + VAT for unlimited PAYE throughout the year.

Key features:

• Fully HMRC compliant for online filing
• Links to Job Costing
• Links to nominals
• Pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly
• Calculates all deductions
• Allows loan repayments

Converting your accounting methods over to software could seem a bit daunting, and you may be worried about the upheaval and work involved with implementing a new accounts system. We place Customer Service as our top priority, the same as our partners at Clip It Solutions (the developers of this fantastic software). You can contact them directly by telephone with any questions and they will ensure you're implementing the software and managing your accounts in no time.

HBXL are resellers of Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) under licence from Clip It Solutions who provide telephone support with fully trained staff for all customers of Construction Industry Accounts (CIA).

With more successful Builders, Contractors and Trade Subcontractors using our range of software throughout the UK than any other building software, and the winner of multiple awards year on year, it's the industry standard for construction software.

Check out our construction accounting software reviews to see how other firms rate Construction Industry Accounts.

You only get this type of technology with HBXL and means that from drawing a set of plans right through to producing the estimates, health and safety and contracts, managing the job and your accounts you only need to enter the project information once!