Your mission if you wish to accept it.

You’re busy now but you’ll have some free time to think about your business in the holiday when your projects are on hold.

But we’ll be on our holidays too…

So unless you put a plan together NOW to trial our software, you’ll be left mending broken presents, doing jigsaw puzzles or battling through the sales – kicking yourself that you didn’t talk to us before you downed tools!

The target:

Your business success in 2018.

You could take your business to the next level. With our help you could soon be spending less time estimating, and more time making the profit you deserve.

And to do that you need some serious fire power.

The ammo:
Estimating Software EstimatorXpress

EstimatorXpress – the UK’s market-leading, award-winning estimating software aimed at small to medium sized building firms. Thousands of builders up and down the UK are using this intelligent, user-friendly software for 100% accurate estimates, material schedules, build programs, cashflow analysis… and a lot more. Good businesses have turned into amazing businesses. (And it’s good at eliminating the competition too…)


Plan of action:

You want to try EstimatorXpress for yourself during the break – for free. Once you’ve had a ‘play’ while you’re off site, you’ll be all set in the new year to speak to the HBXL team, and take the next step.

1. Enlist our help today

Find time to book your pre Test Drive session with one of the team between now and 21st December. Pick a quiet hour between 9.00am-5.00pm either at home or in the office. Book it here now or call us on 0117 916 7898.

2. Have your briefing

Spend your pre-booked, over-the-computer session with one of the experienced team getting an understanding of the software. You’ll be able to watch an estimate produced live on your own computer screen.

3. Get issued with your kit

We’ll then install the software remotely so that you’re all set for your own Test Drive. Now’s the time to ask any questions before you start using the software in earnest.

4. Start your mission

In between jigsaw puzzles start your Test Drive when you can try out the software for yourself. Need some help? Watch the ‘Getting started’ video, run through the user guide and FAQs. And we’ll be back on 2nd January 2018 to answer any further questions.

Back up plan:

If you run out of time for a demo of EstimatorXpress before the break, we can still install the software on your computer, which will enable you to have a good look during the break and the  familiarisation session can wait until the new year.

Just give us a call on 0117 916 7898 by 22nd December 2017, visit the Test Drive page here and we can get your mission underway. Synchronise watches…