A winning combination

Our software programmes EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress sync together to create a revolutionary new estimating technique – 3D Visual Estimating - estimate and draw up building plans in one fluid process. It’s our unique way of estimating. It shaves hours off estimating time!

Charging for building plans could create a valuable extra profit stream for your business.

Design and build holds substantial benefits for your customers too, helping you win more work:

• Cost savings
• Faster project delivery
• Less job fragmentation.


Price up existing building plans with scan and trace technique

We call this 3D Visual Estimating and is HBXL’s revolutionary approach to estimating building work.

It cuts down your estimating time and produces professional building plans to accompany your estimate – a real customer winner!
1. Import a set of building plans (PDF, JPEG, DXF or DWG files) and scan them into PlansXpress
2. Trace over the plans, onscreen using the drag and drop tools in the software
3. Export the drawing file to EstimatorXpress and it will automatically calculate the estimate for you!


Price up new plans in an instant

As well as scanning and tracing existing plans, 3D Visual Estimating allows you to draw plans from scratch.

Then export the file to EstimatorXpress and it will automatically estimate the full plan and produce a quote – no additional number crunching!