Create, copy and edit contracts quickly

Easy to create new building contracts using the new contract wizard following 8 steps to enter your project details quickly and simply.

Copy existing contracts and amend to produce contracts for similar projects in minutes.


Choose from 3 pre-authored, comprehensive contracts

Enter basic project information and let ContractsXpert choose the correct contract from one of three comprehensive documents to protect your business interests. Once you’ve entered your details simply review and print!

Contracts guidance notes and a checklist of items are included to ensure all points are covered


Technology by HBXL | Contracts by a specialist barrister of construction and IT law

Contracts authored in conjunction with a specialist barrister who specialises in construction and IT law and transformed into a user-friendly software package by HBXL! Users can be safe in the knowledge that the contracts they are creating are watertight.

They are thorough without being scary or over-complicated!