We’ve got you covered

Let the speedy New Project Wizard guide you through creating your health & safety documents. Simply tell Health & Safety Xpert what you are building and it does the rest!

Health & Safety Xpert is incredibly straightforward -and there is very little typing as the software is jam packed with template documentation!


Confirm project details

Simply confirm details about the job and the key individuals in the project and let the software produce the paperwork for you! You can then check through the system’s suggestions, customise the documents to your own requirements and print the ones you want.


3) Even faster with X-connex™ Data Sharing technology

Plus, if you use EstimatorXpress for your estimating, you can import jobs directly into Health & Safety Xpert and the software will automatically detect what documentation you may require making it even quicker!


Highly customisable

Health & Safety Xpert is also highly customisable which means if for example you create your own templates, edit text, add in your company logo you and so on you can save it for future jobs so you don’t need to start from scratch when similar work comes along. Plus the built-in address book can synchronise with your Microsoft Outlook™ to get all your contacts into the software – contractors, designers, clients and so on without you having to type them in.


Pre-populated with important contacts

PS it also comes populated with HSE, Local Authority, and Environment Agency addresses…so you don’t have to start from scratch with these either!