Unlimited telephone support!

All HBXL software comes with a Suppoprt & Updates package in year 1 free of charge, which unlimited telephone backup. We are confident that we are number one in the industry for the quality of our telephone assistance


Tons of how to videos

Master the software with free access to a wide range of short video tutorials which look closely at different aspects of the software to aid your understanding and speed up your software usage.


Complimentary user guides

A printed guide is shipped as standard to all new EstimatorXpress customers at no extra charge – unlike some companies who don’t feel support is paramount!

Our invaluable user guides have been created to take you through both setting up and learning to use your software. We consider them a really important resource as they are always there for you to refer to as and when you need them



Use our FAQ tutorials for getting the most out of your software. The guides provide step-by-step instructions to new, common and popular features.


Training & Webinars

Book one of our training options or webinars to maximise your software ROI. For those with less experience or who to speed up their adoption of our software, you may want to choose to take up training or attend a webinar. Contrary to what other software companies may say, we offer training because we know that some people may want it – this does not mean the software is difficult!