Covers your back…and even covers wear and tear on plant!

It's often easy to forget to factor in hidden costs such as the wear and tear of a shovel, wheelbarrow or perhaps the wastage of materials that get damaged or stolen from site.

EstimatorXpress allows for wear and tear on plant for example and allows a small allowance per job for replacements – what happens when your cement mixer either goes AWOL or breaks down? If you haven’t allowed for it, it will come straight out of your pocket and off your bottom line.


Factors in wastage

Do you allow for wastage on your materials? Again EstimatorXpress helps you account for this by applying a wastage factor to every material in the project. Wastage rates are set in EstimatorXpress as standard but you can easily edit them to suit and the software will save your wastage factor for future jobs.


Set your own profit levels by cost centre

You can set your profit levels by project or by resource type e.g. add one profit margin level for materials, and another for labour or subcontract. The software with Profit, Wastage and Inflation calculator inbuilt then remembers the way you work for all future jobs for even more time saving.


And even helps you take account of FUTURE price increases…

And for larger projects with a longer build program, use the inflation tool to set inflation over the project to ensure that your costs take account of rising costs over to time – so you quote the right cost at the start to take account of inflation and make the money you expect at the end of the project!