Packed with turbo charged estimating calculators

Rapid estimating calculators built into the software will Automatically calculate materials costs and quantities, labour and plant to save you hours of time. All the materials and plant have usage rates pre-set within the software but you can amend and save these as you see fit. Similarly you can alter the production factors set for labour to ensure the gangs/teams are working as fast as you think they will!


Allows for hidden expenses

As well as properly accounting for the physical build costs, it's vital to allow for the hidden expenses. The legal fees, site surveys and stamp duty (if new build) not to mention local authority charges, insurance, site accommodation and security. These ALL have to be paid for from somewhere so you MUST include them in your budget in addition to the actual construction costs and of course, EstimatorXpress runs you through all of these.


It won't overlook anything...

It won't make errors in overlooking VAT, wastage, critical costs and/or profit. It will even calculate the wear and tear of your shovel. These are all things that will eat into your project profits profitability.


And even helps you take account of FUTURE price increases…

And for larger projects with a longer build program, use the inflation tool to set inflation over the project to ensure that your costs take account of rising costs over to time – so you quote the right cost at the start to take account of inflation and make the money you expect at the end of the project!