1. Introduction
Minimum levels have been developed as part of our commitment to Safeguarding and this is especially important for SEND learners with regard to ensuring all appropriate stakeholders are aware of when they are on site, missing from training or education and therefore could
be ‘at risk’.

We are committed to providing a supportive learning environment which enables all learners who have chosen to study with us to achieve their full potential and gain paid employment in a safe, supportive environment which fully reflects their individual needs.

2. Policy Statement
Attendance is a key component in learner retention, progression, achievement and employability. Regular attendance and achievement are closely linked. Learners who actively participate in their learning by attending sessions regularly are more likely to enjoy a rewarding experience in which their knowledge, skills and abilities are developed and successfully complete their course.

We expect learners to attend a minimum of 90% of their agreed days of remote learning and placement.

Learners should arrive on time and remain for the duration of the session. Late arrival at, and early departure from sessions means learners might not achieve their qualification, or Off the job Hours.

Learners/ Learners are responsible for:
a. Attending all training sessions agreed
b. Notifying their Coach/ Tutor in advance (e.g. in person, by phone or by email) when
c. they expect to be absent from the session.
d. Notifying their Coach in respect of unplanned or unforeseen absences within 24 hours, providing corroborating evidence to explain their absence where appropriate.

Coaches/ Assessors/ Tutors are responsible for:
a. Reminding learners of the importance of regular attendance
b. Recording attendance using agreed paperwork specific to each learner programme.

The Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that:
a. An accurate record of learner attendance is maintained and updated regularly.
b. That any absence is followed up timely if learners don’t arrive on site to ensure Safeguarding practice is ‘effective’
c. There are regular reviews of each learner’s progress including attendance, lesson observations and mid and end placement reviews.

Where a learner’s attendance in unsatisfactory, one or more of the following actions may be
a. The Operations Director may contact the learner to seek an explanation for their unsatisfactory attendance.
b. Learners may be invited to discuss how their attendance will be improved and any
support that may be required.
c. Learners may be given a formal written warning about their attendance by the Operations Director.
d. Learners may be withdrawn from the programme if they fail to respond to written warning.
e. The Operations Director, when writing references, may refer to the learner’s record of absence.

We appreciate that there may be circumstances where the learner is unable to attend training. In these cases, the learner will be asked to complete a leave of absence form which will need to be signed off by their Coach/ Assessor/ Tutor for sessions with the training provider.

Please see Business Continuity Policy and Safeguarding Policy for further details