Introducing the HBXL business coaches – they’re here for you

If you want to make sense of your building firm’s future, your money, financial security… then chat to the HBXL business coaches.

If you could do with unraveling your thinking, how about some free-of-charge advice? No strings attached.

HBXL isn’t only here to help builders construct extensions and houses profitably and safely. We also want to help you build a solid, secure future for your business (and you personally).

That’s why we’ve introduced TEAM HBXL, a group of expert HBXL business coaches keen to support our building community in 2022 and beyond. They’re ready to give our HBXL software licence holders, 60 minutes of their time absolutely free. What’s not to like!?

How could you benefit from the HBXL Business Coaches?

  • A few words of advice on raising your business game
  • How to be more competitive
  • Straight answers to the ‘I want more money’ question
  • Pointers on managing cash flow and your daily finances
  • A few ideas on planning for your retirement
  • Ways of improving your tax position
  • A better understanding of Solar PV and where you fit in
  • What is battery storage and EV charging points all about
  • What do the energy changes in the building regs mean…

There are so many ways in which you could benefit from an hour with one or all of the coaches. There’s no charge and no obligation to take it further. Having said that, if you feel you want to go on to receive some additional support, all the coaches can chat about that as well.

It’s one of the perks of being an HBXL user. As well as regular software updates and telephone support, users get exclusive webinars and videos, and now, access to business expertise – all focussed on construction. We recently launched ‘Go Digital’ to help builders embrace software cost-effectively and easily. And TEAM HBXL is all part of our campaign to support builders every step of the way.

So if you don’t have our software on your computer yet, think about what you’re missing…

Business Coach – Simon from The Better Business Group

Probably the UK’s very best building firm mentor with years of experience helping owners maximise their profitability. There’s a good chance that you’re charging at least 15% less than you could be. Why? He’ll explain. Simon from The Better Business Group has loads of advice – and he’ll share as much as he can in your complimentary 60 minutes.  He really understands how builders work – and homeowners too, having carried out hundreds of surveys with them, post job completion. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn in just the first five minutes! Book here >>

Accountancy Coach – James from Comera Accountancy

Don’t wait ‘til year-end to find out whether you’ve made any money! Over the 60 free minutes James from Comera Professional can advise on improving your financial reporting so you have a clear picture of your financial position at any time. You can raise any accounting issues, discuss your business performance and what tools might help you do better, or any day-to-day accounting query you have. We’re very fortunate to have an experienced accountancy specialist at our disposal, so think of everything you want to ask! Book here >>

Financial Coach – Chris from Comera Financial Consultants

Chris from Comera Professional is an expert on everything from tax and retirement planning, to injury protection and investments. During your 60 free minutes he can help with a particular concern you have, whether that’s tax or your long term financial future. You can chat through your desired income on retirement (yes it will happen one day!). Maybe you want a review of your business to help identify potential risks or, say, implement tax saving strategies. Or simply sit back and listen to Chris’s recommendations to make sure that you and your business are in a good place. Book here >>

Renewable Energy Coach – Jordan from Comera Energy

Renewable Energy is a huge growth area and your expert coach will explain over the 60 minutes how you can benefit (with very little effort on your part). Jordan will explain how Comera does the design and installation and well… you take the glory! She can run through whether your customers’ homes are a good fit for Solar PV – size and type of roof, the sun’s direction, shading and much more.  New building regulation obligations for homes AND extensions are coming, so you can expect some pointers on this too. Then there’s battery storage and EV charging systems too – all sources of income that you can benefit from. Book here >>

Software Coach – Tom from HBXL

Moving away from the business support, let us introduce you to Tom, HBXL’s own software expert. After the complimentary software skills course that every new user is offered, we then tempt you with a 60-90 minute 1-2-1 coaching session for some extra tips and tricks. And even after you’ve had the expertise of Tom, our ex trades person; the Support Team is on standby with any specific queries – in a month, three months, ten months… That’s the beauty of the Support & Updates package. Support 9-5 Monday to Friday, week in week out. Call 0117 916 7850 or book here >>

What next?

So if you want to get your thinking straight, this is the perfect opportunity. If you’re a software user just follow the links to the booking forms.

And if you don’t have any of our software yet, perhaps it’s time for an online demo of say, our Take-off & Estimate kit – that’s a particularly good starting point if you want to raise your game, quote more easily and accurately – and protect your profit as well.