Health & Safety Xpert review- Happy HBXL usersHealth & Safety Xpert review

Listen to what some of HBXL’s users have to say about our fantastic health and safety software in their Health & Safety Xpert review. We have collected some quotes about Health & Safety Xpert from their testimonial videos. In no time, Health & Safet Xpert delivers Method Statements, COSHH and Risk Assessments, Company Health & Safety Policy, Pre-Construction Info, Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans, Health & Safety File, Site Inspections and more, including 35+ Management documents!  Read on to find out how they are saving time and effort on producing all these documents and more, and how your company could do the same!


Health & Safety Xpert: “Invaluable!”

Health & Safety Xpert reviewHealth & Safety Xpert has been invaluable. As a small company we don’t very often have to do it but when we we do it, its quite complicated but since we’ve had Health & Safety Xpert its so easy for us. It’s a winner, an absolute winner!”.

Dave Tolson, Solent Home Services


Health & Safety Xpert reviewHealth & Safety Xpert review

Health & Safety Xpert has made life a lot simpler. A lot of elements are better explained in Health & Safety Xpert than I’ve seen in any other software. It used to be a long winded thing and on larger contracts we’d have to put it out to our health and safety advisers, so obviously that has saved us money!”

Mark Taviner, OD Cope & Company

Health & Safety Xpert review“Well presented and put together properly”

“I find it easier, especially on method statements and risk assessments. It’s so easy to fill in, on screen then straight out the printer! The corporates we use are satisfied with it because its well presented and put together properly. It’s given me time to relax when you think I haven’t got to do another 6 hours of paperwork – it has reduced that a great deal”.

Geoff Taylor, Carpentry Plus