Best health and safety software review by HBXL users

health and safety software review

Health & Safety Xpert from HBXL is benefiting thousands of builders in the UK. Health & Safety Xpert software produces documentation that can save you time, money and effort whilst ensuring you’re protected against any unwanted accidents. Ensure cover for all EU, UK and CDM 2015 regulations with Risk and COSHH Assessments, Company Health & Safety Policy, Method Statements, Pre-Construction Info, Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans, Health & Safety File, Site Inspections and more, including 35+ Management documents! We invited our users to give us a health and safety software review so that we could share the difference it has made to their workload. Read on to see how Health & Safety Xpert could help your business…


Expert health and safety software review

Health and safety software review

Health & Safety Xpert gives builders peace of mind because it gives them an easy-to-use tool to help with producing all their health and safety paperwork. The software is the most comprehensive package I’ve seen and encourages builders to take a more pro-active yet less time-consuming approach to health and safety on every job.The construction industry is under close scrutiny due to the nature of the work involved and I feel that investing in a piece of software such as Health & Safety Xpert is vital to assist builders with identifying potential safety risks on a job, and will help provide the necessary paperwork to perform those checks and become compliant”. Read the full article of David’s health and safety software review here.

David Price, MIIRSM, NEBOSH and CITB accredited Health & Safety Consultant & CITB Accredited Trainer

Best health & safety software

Health and safety software review“We use Health & Safety Xpert daily on site as well as the office in order to comply with the constant changes in the H&S regs such as risk assessments and method statements. It helps make the job a lot, lot easier. Because the software already has a number of pre prepared templates it makes compliance with the day-to-day running of our sites very easy. All we do is input the relevant information and the software does the rest. We now use it on everything from new builds, renovations, ground works, extensions, heating and plumbing jobs and any electrical work.” Read the full article of Mark’s health and safety software review here.

Mark Jones, MJ Building Services


Time saving health and safety softwarehealth and safety software review

“Now that I’ve got the names of all my workers into Health & Safety Xpert I can get all the health and safety paperwork I need on a job completed in close to 10 minutes. It’s a massive time-saving tool, but that’s not to say I’m taking less care on health and safety. In fact, I’ve started to find out about things I was potentially missing out of my assessments before. It’s absolutely brilliant and if you’ve won a job using HBXL’s EstimatorXpress then you can just import the job into Health & Safety Xpert saving even more time. It’s another great piece of software from HBXL that saves me no end of time!”

Stuart Henderson, SDH Builders