HBXL Flash Sale: like buying a 2.0 car and getting a 3.0 at no extra cost

HBXL Flash Sale – when we do them we do them well!

Save up to £600 on a combined kit or up to £400 on a single product when you buy outright. The deal applies to subscriptions too. We must be April fools! Simply choose an HBXL full licence software solution and you’ll get all the extra features of the ‘next model up’ – at no cost to you. The kits are amazing because they use our X-Connex syncing technology.

This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for. Our HBXL Flash Sale ends 5.00pm on 30.4.21. And it’s phone-only so call 0117 916 7898 asap between 9am and 5pm – before we come to our senses!

Here are some outright purchase examples… (you can ‘bump up’ subscriptions too)

Design & Estimate…

Buy Design & Estimate Plus at £1899+VAT outright and we’ll bump you up to Design & Estimate Kit Premiumsaving you £600! You won’t just have quote templates for extensions and renovations, you’ll be able to quote for lofts and new builds too. And as well as being able to draw planning permission quality plans and elevations – you’ll be able to create stunning visuals too with our 3D PhotoVisualiser!

Draw or trace like a pro…

Buy PlansXpress Plus at £899+VAT outright and we’ll bump you up to PlansXpress Premiumsaving you £300! As well as taking-off plans and producing planning permission quality drawings, you’ll have the amazing 3D Photo-Visualiser!

Serious estimating power…

EstimatorXpress Premium at £1699+VAT and we’ll bump you up to EstimatorXpress Enterprisesaving you £300! As well as all the amazing features of our award-winning estimating tool you’ll get Stage Payments, Invoice Generator, Project Management, Manager/Collaborator features too

Full on safety measures…

Health & Safety Xpert Plus at £1299+VAT and we’ll bump you up to Health & Safety Xpert Premium – saving you £200! You won’t just have the right documents (all filled in) – you’ll also know WHEN you need the documents with our clever new Job Management feature.

There are plenty more deals…

EstimatorXpress Core up to EstimatorXpress Plus

EstimatorXpress Plus up to EstimatorXpress Premium

Take-off & Estimate Kit Core up to Take-off & Estimate Kit Plus

Take-off & Estimate Kit Plus up to Take-off & Estimate Kit Premium

Essentials Toolkit Core up to Essentials Toolkit Plus

Essential Toolkit Plus up to Essentials Toolkit Premium

These are phone-only deals

The HBXL Flash Sale end at 5.00pm on 30.4.21. Don’t miss the chance to get so much more for your money. Call the team on 0117 916 7898 to discuss outright purchase or annual subscription, and the best software combination for you.


*Excludes PlansXpress Take-off, ContractsXpert, ProjectXpert and CIA Accounts. Terms & Conditions apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions.