Introducing PlansXpress 2024: New Windows library and 12 new retrofit and renovation drawable items

Date: Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Location: Online

Time: 7pm-7:30pm

This webinar is for PlansXpress users.

Jim, the HBXL Technical Director, will give a short demonstration of the new Window library in PlansXpress 2024. There are now new options for drawing 100s of different window styles in many different colours. The improved window configurator needs to be seen, as it’s a real game-changer. The new additions are really impressive, with lots of opener options. You can now draw any kind and size of window. PVCu, Aluminium, Softwood and Hardwood. Renovation with Imperial sized bricks? No problem

The windows appear beautifully in elevation and 3D as Jim will show. Plus of course the drawings can then be priced up in EstimatorXpress 2024 – and Jim will dive quickly into EstimatorXpress as well to give you an idea.

The new PlansXpress update has a focus on retrofitting and renovations. Jim will give a quick run-down of the 12 new drawable items: Flitch Beam; Window to New Wall; Window to Existing Wall; Fire Protection Consumables; Fire Alarm System; Windpost; Retrofit Timber Floor; Insulation; Fire Door FD60; Fire Door FD60 to Existing Wall; Double Fire Door FD60; Double Fire Door; FD60 to Existing Wall; Removal of Floor Screed.

If you’re lucky he’ll provide a sneak peek of the planned PlansXpress 2024 door library… We look forward to welcoming you on the 18th July.