7PM: From builder to business person: How to nail it

Date: Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Location: Your computer!

Time: 7.00-8.00pm

We don’t come across many customers who become business owners because they love paperwork, finance and admin. The transition from builder to ‘business person’ isn’t an easy one.

Prompted by the numerous conversations he’s had on the subject, Sales Account Manager, Matthew is joining Jo Mulgrew, the HBXL Group’s Operations Director to discuss managing a business – not a building firm.

Why not sit in on their chat as they discuss the challenges faced by building firm owners – whether they’ve been going for six months or six years. Feel free to type questions during the event for answers at the end.

During the webinar they’ll offer up solutions –
• Accurately costing and monitoring materials price rises
• Embracing Design & Build
• Locking in everyone’s health and safety
• Managing multiple jobs and even…
• Derailing cowboy customers.

They’ll explain how HBXL Building Software can help. Matthew will briefly show you how the data from an example building plan is shared across all the software tools using unique X-Connex™ technology – giving you easy, end-to-end job management. The more tools you add to your digital toolkit the more you gain. This is one webinar not to miss.