EstimatorXpress Return On Investment

HBXL are so confident that EstimatorXpress will benefit building firms that they have created a ROI Calculator to demonstrate the power of a software solution

A nifty return on investment (ROI) calculator has been launched providing builders with a handy tool so they can see for themselves the effectiveness of buying the country’s leading estimating software package.

Taking seconds to fill in, it highlights the value of the time builders spend putting together their estimates.

Once completed, it quickly becomes apparent that by using software to assist with estimates and cutting down the time spent putting them together will soon save builders thousands of pounds.

Developed by Adrian Wild, boss at HBXL, all builders have to do is fill in the required fields and press go.

Based on what value the builder places on their estimating time, the number of estimates they produce per week and the average time they take, the calculator instantly shows the weekly and annual cost the builder spends on estimating.

So for example if a builder produces five estimates per week, typically taking two hours per estimate and values their time at £35 per hour the ROI calculator shows the annual cost of estimating to be £18,200.

However, with research showing that users of EstimatorXpress typically cut the time spent estimating by 50 per cent the annual cost of estimating (including cost of software) would drop to £9,551 giving a saving of £8,649.

It means in this example, anyone investing in the EstimatorXpress Total Toolkit package would get a ROI of 1,920 per cent, saving £25,947 over the lifetime of the software and spending 260 hours less on estimating per year.

Adrian said: “This simple calculator is a great way to see what the value is of the time spent estimating. When that is extended across the lifetime of the software the figures start to become quite eye watering!

“Canny builders looking to cut down on the time they spend putting together their quotes are turning to solutions like EstimatorXpress to not only speed the whole process up but to become more profitable and accurate while improving their win ratio.

“Those who can’t see the value of this sort of product will continue to spend hour upon hour into the evening and on weekends working out their costs. I should know, because that is precisely what I used to do before I created EstimatorXpress.

“Whereas those who do embrace this sort of technology will soon be reaping the rewards, spending less time on estimates, winning more work and becoming much more profitable.”

Follow the link to use the ROI calculator. If you would like to talk to one of our team about how EstimatorXpress can help your building firm call for a chat on 0117 9167898 or drop us an email.