EstimatorXpress 2021: Five new estimating calculators and so much more

EstimatorXpress 2021 is here, and you’d expect from the amazing team of in-house software developers, working with our users, plus sales and support teams – we have lots of new additions to the award-winning software.

New estimating calculators

Boxing in calculator

Non slip vinyl flooring calculator

Document M bathroom calculator

Pad foundations

Lead box gutters

Quote Template Estimating Calculators

Over 90 additional estimating calculators available to be estimated through a quote template (you need to have the correct version of software to access these calculators) including:

    • 8 additional boiler calculators
    • Gas pipes
    • Shop doors & windows
    • Custom size doors & windows
    • Replacement windows
    • Fitted kitchen & utility room fitting out
    • Garage conversion related estimating calculators
    • Corner structural openings
    • Blank calculators (composite items, area, perimeter, volume)

New Material Order Schedules

The new Smart Scheduler module helps you convert your estimate into accurate order schedules (optional paid-for extra but really worth every penny!). Over and above the scheduling function we’ve also included a very clever addition to EstimatorXpress itself – only available to users of Smart Scheduler. When you install the Bonus Pack a new tab will be added to your EstimatorXpress called Resource Substitution.


New ‘Add Estimating Calculator’ dialog from within a quote template to make selecting calculators easier and with a help page describing each calculator in the software.

Link to open up a help page for an estimating calculator available through the quote templates.

Print function added to the build programme.

Additional optional summary pages added to the customer quote to specify the breakdown of materials and labour for your customer.

What next?

Watch our Technical Director, Jim Pizzey, give a tour of the new additions to EstimatorXpress 2021 along with the Smart Scheduler module:

If you don’t have EstimatorXpress, the award-winning estimating software yet, call 0117 916 7898 or visit the online shop.

If you have EstimatorXpress great news! But make sure your Support & Updates is in-date to get all the good stuff in the 2021 version.  If your Support & Updates has expired, please call the team on 0117 916 7892 or go online to either renew or upgrade (if a long time has passed).