EstimatorXpress 2018 Spring update – new features

EstimatorXpress 2018 Spring update is here! The award-winning estimating software being used by builders across the UK, has had its latest update. Users know that every few months there will be an update, from fixes to feature additions. And for the start of May 2018 the software has undergone some clever changes that improve the usability of the software still further.

The big news…

Where do we begin? There are new and updated workbooks including a USB electrical sockets and a new Velux window Workbook and picker – we’re talking 500+ windows!!

    • The Electrical Sockets Workbook has been updated including the addition of USB sockets
    • New Velux Window Workbook (includes Velux Window picker to allow the user to choose from over 500 Velux windows like you can for Crystal doors and windows)

EstimatorXpress 2018 Spring update

EstimatorXpress 2018 Spring update

  • The new Velux workbook has been added to Quick Quote
  • Quote enhancement – you can now enter assumptions and omissions, as well as provisional sums, and  merge them into the quote in a new section.

And there’s more…

Plus some really clever tweaks and additions that will speed things up and give added value to your quoting.

  • Spec updates for reinforcement in slabs
  • New brickwork mini-specs
  • Updated groups of workbooks
  • Traffic lights on Main Menu only go red if expired (rather than < 1 month remaining)
  • Part L Floor Screed has been added to Quick Quote custom
  • Character limit removed from ‘Location’ of a worksheet
  • ‘My Favourites’ no longer swaps to products if you’re not in the price book

And of course, all the necessary fixes to make the estimating experience smooth running.

Remember, the easiest and most cost effective way to benefit from all the new features in our updates as and when they come out is to ensure you have your Support & Updates already in place. We provide discounts for those who renew their Support & Updates before the year is up or before their version gets too far behind. If your Support and Updates package has expired you can renew here and if the software needs updating then go here. To find out more and to get clarification if need be, give the accounts team a call on 0117 9167892.

If you already have your Support & Updates in place, then you can look forward to updating to the latest version. Enjoy!