In one: How to estimate, design, organise, avoid fines and late payers

Five essential integrated business partners in the shape of construction software

They say teamwork makes the dream work and we’d have to agree. Wouldn’t you love to be surrounded by a team, totally integrated, working together in harmony, without the slightest disagreement, there for you 24 hours a day? Looking after your estimating, your plans, health and safety paperwork, contracts and project management? Making you as productive and profitable as possible.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of integrated support? And rather than five new people on the payroll wanting a bonus at Christmas, we’re talking about a suite of software performing these valuable roles.

Rapid data-sharing

So how do they pull off such a seamless, rapid service? Think of them as a relay team. With one team member passing the baton containing all the valuable, accurate data to the next team member who uses the same data to do their job and shares that exact same data for the next to do their thing. We call it X-connex data-sharing technology, unique to HBXL Building Software. No chinese whispers, no duplicated errors, just 100% accurate information from start to finish.

Here’s your award-winning team…

Meet PlansXpress.

An absolute mine of building information and extraordinarily precise. You yourself don’t require any CAD skills – PlansXpress does most of the leg-work, producing you plans, elevations and 3D models. Either start from scratch, or adapt an existing plan by importing a file or scanned plan, or simply use it with EstimatorXpress to create rapid take-offs!



Introducing EstimatorXpress.

Calm under pressure. Never calculated anything incorrectly ever. You can either import a plan from PlansXpress which contains all the data about the project and request EstimatorXpress to crunch the numbers and give you a full quote and 80+ reports… or you can work together to create an estimate following simple instructions, be it a new build, extension or renovation.



And here’s Health & Safety Xpert.

Bring this one on board and you’re in very safe hands. With the data from your estimate, you simply answer a few questions and then the Health & Safety Xpert in all things health and safety will select the relevant paperwork for CDM 2105 compliance and more. Nothing is missed out. Risk and COSHH Assessments, Method Statements, Construction Phase Plans, the lot.



Legal eagle ContractsXpert has got your back.

Straightforward, dependable, and unswerving when it comes to making sure you get paid, on time, for the building work you’ve done. Again, the same data feeds the software, or you input the few pieces of information required. ContractsXpert will make sure you comply with the Consumer Contracts Regulations and CDM 2015. And relax.



And finally ProjectXpert, the extraordinary multi-tasker.

One complex project or half a dozen – either way – sit back and watch your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and critical paths become clear in a matter of a couple of clicks. There’s nothing quite like ProjectXpert around when it comes to residential construction project management, especially when teamed up with EstimatorXpress. If anyone’s going to make you look good it’s this fella.



Impressed? Well it would be an expensive commitment if we were talking about employing this many people, but this is an amazing suite of software performing valuable roles that will really make your business fly. And the one-off cost involved in purchasing the HBXL Premium Project Toolkit is more like someone’s salary – but just one month. And that’s it. You’re paid up. And if you prefer, you can even pay in instalments interest-free.

Better still, until 30.9.17 there’s 40% off Premium Project Toolkit which is a massive saving. Call the team today on 0117 916 7898, arrange a demo or a test drive.

And unlike employment agencies we won’t be charging you commission!