Easy Estimating software will revolutionise your building firm

EstimatorXpress is the easy estimating software option designed specifically for builders and developers. When you are manually estimating can you guarantee 100% accurate estimates? Do you factor in variables such as wastage, wear and tear and inflation to protect your profit margin? Do you have your building material prices updated with a live internet link? Do you automatically produce 80+ management reports to keep your project on track and at its most efficient?

Ultimately would you like to reduce the time spent estimating by 39% and increase your win rate by up to 230% ? 

Watch and see how quickly and easily you can estimate with EstimatorXpress, the easy estimating software solution…

The devil’s in the detail, and the amount of detail EstimatorXpress puts into your quote and estimates is far beyond anything you can calculate manually. Despite the level of information, novices can use it just as easy as IT pros.

How do you use it?

Simply go through a step by step process filling in the details of your project as you go using helpful diagrams and dims wizards. Follow the straightforward instructions written in plain English and out the other end you will have a professional estimate and quote ready to print and deliver to your client in a fraction of the time it would have taken manually.

What else makes it so amazing?

Whilst it would be impressive if that were all the software did, we aim to go just that step further. The program almost instantly generates over 80 reports analysing all prospective costs, labour schedules, profit forecasts, cash flow graphs and much more, linking to 1000s of live material prices.

Our software considers everything, right down to scheduling the appropriate amount of time for each task and the likely places for financial dips to occur.

You never again have to worry about over-ordering or going into the red. EstimatorXpress will make sure you know all the hidden costs ahead of time.

Take the opportunity to totally revolutionise the way you manage your business. Give us a call on 0117 9167898 or click here to find out more about EstimatorXpress or you can drop us an email.