Thank you for your interest in Health & Safety Xpert. You obviously want to make sure your building sites operate within the law.

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Five reasons to choose Health & Safety Xpert software

  1. The software does all the spade work – it looks at your project and picks out what specific documentation is needed for that job.
  2. It fills out as much of the paperwork as it can for you and gives prompts for the information only you can provide.
  3. With all the documents sorted, it makes it so much easier for you to plan ahead and put procedures and physical aids in place.
  4. It also provides the HSE with hard evidence (not just your word) that you have considered the risks, briefed your teams, completed the forms.
  5. Your customers expect you to be on top of your legal obligations – you could win or lose a job on the strength of it.

So complete the simple form and we’ll send you our health and safety software so you can start using it free! If you need any help we’re at the end of the phone. And we can point you in the direction of some help videos too. Buy or subscribe to the software and your trial projects will still be there.

And did you know?

HSE and local authorities are responsible for enforcing health and safety legislation. Each has a range of tools at their disposal to ensure businesses comply with the law and respond proportionately to offences. These are provisional figures from 2019/20.

  1. A total of 2,031 notices were issued by HSE inspectors in Construction.
  2. Prohibition notices issued in the Construction Sector account for around 56% of the total prohibition notices issued by the HSE.
  3. There were 143 prosecution cases led by HSE or, in Scotland, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal where a verdict was reached.
  4. This resulted in 137 (96%) with a conviction for at least one offence.
  5. Fines totalled £8.3 million averaging over £60,000 per conviction.

Yep, an average of at least £60,000 per conviction.