Construction estimate pack

What’s included in the construction estimate pack produced automatically with EstimatorXpress?

At HBXL we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to because alongside your 100% accurate estimates, EstimatorXpress will give you a whole heap of other reports and documents in your construction estimate pack to help you win the job and run it as efficiently as possible.

We still hear from users who are happy with the software without realising everything that it can do! When they realise EstimatorXpress does much more than estimating they are astounded.

Save yourself time, money and effort by using EstimatorXpress to its full potential and benefit from a higher win rate, improved efficiency and protected profits. Read on to see four of the magical things EstimatorXpress can do for you…

Construction Build Programme

Two key pressures on any job are time and money. Clever management of these is key to successful project management and ultimately a successful project. EstimatorXpress can help you efficiently manage any sized project with automatically produced build programmes, JIT material, labour and plant schedules. Stay on schedule by keeping an eye on your projected completion of each build stage VS your actual completion. Don’t let one day of rain ruin the rest of your programme as you have a complete knowledge and the ability to adapt quickly with a linked build programme one of many useful resources in you construction estimate pack.

Cash flow management

Combine smart build programme planning with intelligent cash flow management to ensure your building firm is not left running too close to the wire or having to front the cost of materials or plant yourselves. Make sure you know exactly what money is coming in and what money is going out helping you analyse each project and run more efficiently. Not only this but being able to demonstrate smart and considered cash flow management can help you in gaining investment by portraying a sensible and responsible business that reassures potential lenders.

Protect your profitconstruction estimate pack charles

Making a profit shouldn’t be an aim. It should be a given! Having all the information on a project before you start is the first step in ensuring that you are taking on a job that is worth doing. Charles OKell of UK Pro Build has told us that EstimatorXpress has made the difference between a busy building firm and a successful one; “It’s really changed how we think about doing business, whether we wanted to be ‘busy idiots’ or make money because at the end of the day that’s what we are there for”. UK Pro Build started choosing jobs based on whether the job was right for them.

They also found they could be certain in their pricing which helps them protect their profit by not dropping the price to win work; “The software has given us the insight, knowledge and confidence to know that our prices are right. We are able to say now, that’s the price, no negotiation, if you don’t like it, we don’t want the business”. All made possible by a higher win rate due to the speed, accuracy and professional output of EstimatorXpress.

Resource management

Managing resources effectively is one vital way to secure a successful building project and therefore a profitable building firm. Using EstimatorXpress you can accurately work out the total amount of materials, labour and plant for any sized project allowing you to cut down on wastage, improve your buying power and therefore save money on the complete quantity and save time, effort and money on trips to the builders merchants. Combine this knowledge with your build programme and cash flow reports and you can easily reduce the cost of separate orders of the same material, arrange labour plant and materials to be on site at the same time and ensure you get paid before you have an outgoing.

construction estimate pack EX-BoxThe bottom line

These four elements automatically produced in every construction estimate pack are just a snapshot of the ways in which EstimatorXpress can help any building firm run more efficiently, return a higher profit and win more business. If you would like to know more about what EstimatorXpress can do for you and your building firm call us on 0117 9167898 or drop us an email.