Buy cheap buy twice: don’t sell your building firm short.

There are so many sayings relating to money – probably because it makes the world go round! ‘Cheap and cheerful’ is another one. But let’s face it – things are usually cheap for a reason. And that might be OK when you only need something to last a short while.

But you wouldn’t scrimp on your business would you? Buying cheap equipment usually backfires – you either need to get it repaired or replaced when it lets you down. And you wouldn’t choose own brand materials that don’t perform well or look sub-standard (naming no names!).

And the same goes for the value you place on your customer quote…

It’s what wins you the business. And it’s what decides the profit you’re going to make. So surely your quote is therefore something worth spending some money on?

Multi award-winning EstimatorXpress might not be the cheapest software product on the market to buy outright but it pays for itself over and over – and sooner than you might imagine. What you see is what you get – there are no important modules that come at an extra cost. Watch our video below and read our quick article to see why we think the cheapest option is rarely the best…

Business-winning quotes are great value

Estimates produced with EstimatorXpress increase the user’s win rate by 230%. A cheap software product isn’t worth much if you don’t win the work with it! There are many reasons for this fantastic statistic, but a key factor is the quality of the quotes. They clearly give customers the confidence to place the order. And you can show as much or as little in the quote, which is created directly from your estimate, into Microsoft Word – you can even pop your own logo in.

80+ powerful reports get every last penny out of the job.

The reports take their data automatically from your completed estimate. You don’t have to do a thing. Great value in itself! On top of that, each document provides valuable information. Being able to drill down into the costs helps you keep tabs on expenditure, and not spend more than you need to. There are cost breakdowns, analysis and so much more.

Up-to-date material prices keep you in pocket

Exclusive to EstimatorXpress is Price Tracker™. The software is linked to thousands of building material prices and keeps pace with price rises so you don’t have to. And we’re not talking libraries of default prices. We work with major merchants and these are live prices. Imagine quoting for a job with old prices – you’ll end up dipping into your profit to pay the difference – because the customer won’t help you out. You can also link to your trade accounts.

Crowd sourced labour rates are invaluable

EstimatorXpress comes set up with all labour and plant costs built-in. We have excellent data on labour charges from our large customer base on the typical costs from around the UK that we are able to help ensure you correctly estimate the going rate for employees and significantly sub-contractors – and you’re in turn paid accordingly thanks to your accurate quote.

There are clearly some things in life worth paying for. If good quality quotes can help you win the business, then that’s definitely money well spent – so it’s worth investing a little time look at EstimatorXpress – it could prove priceless!

You could be sitting on a goldmine…

If you want to know how EstimatorXpress could turn a good business into an amazingly profitable business then read what our customers think, or give one of the team a call on 0117 916 7898. Or email