Design. Cost. Control.

BuildingWorks will enable you to seamlessly design and cost your building project – connecting everyone in your project team. Soon after you’ll get to integrate Project Management, Health & Safety compliance, Building Contracts and Energy Performance evaluation too. Sounds like a BIM way of working? We call it joined-up thinking and a welcome first in the UK.

Seamless connectivity

So what sets BuildingWorks apart from other CAD and costing software products? Where do we begin? Can you think of any truly integrated system where you draw your construction project using simple CAD tools, and watch the estimate build live on screen – simultaneously showing you the cost of the materials, the labour involved, rates, energy performance and much more? All culminating in a 3D model, a full Bill of Quantities, New Rules of Measurement and detailed costings? We thought not.

Easily produce Bill of Quantities

And here’s a wow. INSTANT professional quality Bill of Quantity reports production directly from your estimate (NRM – the new replacement for SMM7). Including Elemental BOQ, Work section BOQ, priced or unpriced, with manufacturer brands named or unbranded. (This feature is only available with BuildingWorks Estimate Professional QS).

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