Builders benefit from HBXL’s family business ethos

HBXL is a family business who have always had builders’ best interests at heart. HBXL was born out working on estimates late into the night and on countless weekends on top of the regular construction work. I realised that for the small to medium building firm to survive, let alone thrive, it would have to speed up and embrace technology. When I found nothing that fit the bill, I felt compelled to solve the issue myself with a builder-first software solution designed specifically for the construction industry. This approach of placing the users’ interests as central to the way we operate is essential to HBXL‘s ethos and, I believe its success. Read on and watch the video below to find out how this approach is embodied by everyone in our family business.


A company for builders, by builders

I am not the only one with a construction industry background. Quite the contrary! In fact my brother Simon Wild (senior member of the HBXL Estimating Service), ran his own extensions company. My daughter Joanna Mulgrew (Group Operations Director) and her husband Steven (Software Development Director), worked on several renovations. Naturally, construction knowledge is found elsewhere in the office too with Jim Pizzey (Technical Director), Andy Morrell (Construction Engineer), Thomas Brooks (Business Support Advisor), Tom Crozier (Estimating Service Operations Manager) and Tony James (Estimator), all having previous experience in construction.

Family values become company values

Over the years HBXL has employed numerous family members which we believe has helped us bring home values into the way we work. HBXL are dedicated to a high degree of Corporate Social Responsibility but beyond that, we are a moral, warm-hearted group that wholly have faith in the notion of doing good by others. We make sure we sell the right software package for the customer based on their company and the benefit they will receive, not on the maximum price we can get out of them. We like to go the extra mile for builders and even advise potential users not to buy if the software doesn’t suit them!

Always striving to making Builders’ lives better

With construction running through our veins, it can come as no surprise that we have, and always will, be a company looking to do all we can to make builders and developers lives better. That is why it brings us such satisfaction to see the impact our software has made on the lives and businesses of our users. Our aim is to provide builders with a better way of producing estimates that means they can win more business, improve accuracy and return a higher profit whilst reducing the time and effort required. In fact, one user said we should market our software as a ‘marriage maker’ because he believed it saved his marriage!

Our desire to help construction companies nationwide is exemplified in our shortlisting for a ‘Business Enabler of the Year’ Lloyds Business Award in 2016. To read more about why HBXL were nominated for this award or to hear about our other award successes, go to our awards page.

Join the family!

HBXL‘s all-inclusive family extends beyond relatives and staff to include all our users too and we firmly believe that family should look out for each. In that vein, we encourage our users to contact us with any problem they have (to do with the software) and make sure builders have everything they need to succeed from the moment they first contact us. Our Support Super Heroes are on hand 9-5, Monday to Friday with award winning customer service and a wide range of tools to help all our users get the most out of our award winning software.

If you want to experience the software (and more importantly some of the love) then give us a call on 0117 9167898, leave us an email or follow the links to get started with a trial and or live demonstration.