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Best Rated Estimating Software

If you are considering investing in estimating software listen to what EstimatorXpress users have to say about the best rated estimating software for builders. We often hear similar issues or worries about purchasing estimating software. We thought it would be useful to hear what our users say about the best rated estimating software and to explain how they had the same fears and why there are now better off. Many now wonder how they managed before! Read on to find the solutions to your worries…


Estimating Software Review

Best Rated Estimating Software“They’re always extremely helpful even when I ask Noddy questions! The complimentary training webinars have been excellent and they’re extremely comprehensive- the guys don’t end the session until they’re happy that every question has been fully answered. They’re very enthusiastic and helpful.” Read Graham’s full recommendation here.

Graham Saunders, Trentace, High Wycombe

 Best Rated Estimating SoftwareBuilding Software Advice

“Looking back it seems ludicrous the way we used to do our estimating. Using this software has not only made us work smart but has made our life a lot easier and I’d advise others to do the same.”“Since then we’ve never looked back and it has become an integral part of how the business is now run. It saves huge amounts of time, factors in all the things I didn’t consider before into the estimate such as trips to merchant”. Read Lee’s full recommendation here.

Lee Goodwin, Oakleafe Property Services

Best Rated Estimating SoftwareEasy, Builder Friendly Software Review

“The beauty of PlansXpress is that it is so easy to use, even for someone as IT illiterate as me! It’s perfectly made for the build sector.” Read Tony’s full recommendation here.

Tony James, Syston Construction