A sample build project: from start to finish

Take a look at a sample build project: from start to finish

Completing a build project from start to finish has never been easier. How?  With HBXL created exclusive X-Connex technology that has the ability to take off the core project data so you only need to input it once into PlansXpress to then create your estimate in award winning EstimatorXpress. Using the data from EstimatorXpress, you can then generate contracts, health & safety docs and organise your projects using our interconnected software range.

We thought you might like to see a real example. HBXL founder, Adrian Wild priced a rear extension using the software. To draw plans from scratch and convert to an estimate took just two hours, and when he priced the same job from an existing set of plans he completed the plans and estimate in 45 minutes! See more on our time trial here.

Flip through the pages of Adrian’s project here:

Using the X-Connex technology the 2D architect-quality plans produced in PlansXpress were taken off to produce a detailed, 100% accurate estimate, with all live prices, labour costs and more, all in the space of two minutes.

Then, the core set of data was flowed into Health & Safety Xpert, ContractsXpert and ProjectXpert.  So all the health & safety documents, the client’s contract and the gantt chart, illustrating the project schedule, were generated automatically with the smallest amount of additional information.

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