Amaze yourself with the ease of drafting plans with PlansXpress and impress your clients with the speed of plans production and business-winning 3D models. Learn more with our 3 minute video now.

With PlansXpress you get everything you need for general building works in one box to start designing extensions, new builds, loft conversions, renovation work, placing services and plumbing, electrics or simply room layouts.

You might be wondering if you are going to be able to draft plans yourself? Well we've tons of users just like you.

"The beauty of PlansXpress is that it is so easy to use, even for someone as IT illiterate as me! It’s perfectly made for the build sector. The software has helped the business 100% and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough." Tony James, Syston Construction

Plus we've got a 96% satisfaction rating with our Tech Support Team if you need one of the guys to chat you through what you're doing.

Still not sure? We can put you through to real users to chat to you about their experiences.

PlansXpress produces architect quality plans suitable for planning application submission and building control. Incorporate 3D models and photo-realistic renders* of your plans with your planning application to help you sail through the process. (*3D PhotoVisualiser optional extra)

Get ahead of the competition with architect quality plans, elevations and 3D models from PlansXpress. Plus knock the socks off your competitors with photorealistic rendering using the 3D PhotoVisualiser plug-in (optional extra). Research shows that clients often find there is very little to choose from one builder to the next when choosing the right company for their building project. Providing plans will set you apart.

Think drawing plans is beyond your capability? Well PlansXpress is specifically made CAD software for builders and developers and designed with the complete computer novice in mind. You'll unearth CAD skills you never knew you had AND it will save you money on outsourcing. With PlansXpress you simply click, drag and drop symbols and tools from the menu to create professional 2D plans and 3D models.

You may have found if you’ve tried other plans software or CAD systems that they were complicated. And you’d be right (in our opinion!). Developed to design just about anything (cars, rockets and sky scrapers!!) they were not designed with building firms who want to draw building plans for extensions, new builds and loft conversions in mind.

PlansXpress has built-in building knowledge and draws the detail and hatching you’d expect on your building plans automatically. Plus as you draw your building PlansXpress automatically creates a 3D model simultaneously! 3D models and photo-realistic renders* can be achieved in seconds with the 3D PhotoVisualiser optional extra.

The Building Plans 3D PhotoVisualiser plugin for PlansXpress enables you to bring your plans to life. Simply create a drawing in PlansXpress and then launch the 3D PhotoVisualiser to bring your building plans to life. Manipulate your drawing in a 3D environment using a wide range of textures and effects. Quickly create stunning visuals that will really impress your clients and look great on your website.

3D PhotoVisualiser is aimed at the design review process allowing you to profile combinations of materials and lighting before moving onto final quality imagery.

If you have existing building plans from your client you can import a scanned image of the plans into PlansXpress (or import a DXF or DWG file from the likes of AutoCAD). Use the Scan drawing tools to trace over the walls and place your windows, doors and other construction symbols, to cost up the drawing and produce elevations, 3D visualisations or simply add an extension or show alterations. PlansXpress combined with EstimatorXpress enables you to price up work from existing plans in minutes using this same technique and exporting the traced plan to EstimatorXpress!

Save money on architects. Do plans yourself! Think of it! No more costly outsourcing. Maybe you can add a profit centre to your business by charging for them too! But don't be fooled by cheap drawing packages. These are ok for simple layouts but won’t have the kind of standard construction detailing to get you through your planning application and building control, plus planning departments are more and more asking for 3D photo-realistic renderings and your architect will charge you more for this…

Better still, you can import a complete set of plans produced with PlansXpress into to EstimatorXpress and estimate your building plans in literally seconds!

More successful Builders and developers use PlansXpress throughout the UK than any other CAD software or plans software.

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Starting to draft your own plans or perhaps switching from another CAD package could seem a bit daunting. We place best in class customer support as our top priority which is why we provide a Tutorial Guide, online support desk, tons of video tutorials and much, much more to get you started. Contact us by telephone with any questions and we will ensure you're drafting professional plans from day one.